Non-Fiction Editing

Why an Editor?

You’ve made personal sacrifices and put a lot of time, effort, and talent into writing your book, ebook, business plan, learning course, software manual, reference guide or whatever tome you’ve decided to create.

One thing is for sure – you are now too close to your work to objectively edit it.

The last thing you want to do at this point is destroy all the hard work you’ve put in by publishing a manuscript with bad grammar, punctuation or poor structure.

We’ve simplified the arcane world of editing into two distinct and important phases:

Structural Editing

Also referred to as Developmental Editing, this process attacks a manuscript at the outline level: focused on the central concept, crafting a sound argument, correcting logic gaps, and re-sequencing sections and paragraphs to improve logical flow and achieve a consistent narrative style.

If the manuscript hasn’t been fully drafted yet, we will assist the author in developing an outline based on his or her existing material (even if it’s a stack of notes) so the manuscript can be completed.

If the manuscript is done, but its either been sent back for revision or the author (or the boss!) feels it’s not telling the story he or she intended, we would assist the author in moving paragraphs, sections, or even chapters around to achieve the desired results. Oftentimes, the “new” manuscript will require additional content from the author to smooth out the new flow.

Copy/Line Editing

This type of detail editing is done at the sentence and phrase level, making sure the wording is as clear, thoughtful, coherent and graceful as possible. Sometimes line editing is required if a manuscript has been written successfully for one audience and needs to be reworked for delivery to another.

As part of this process we also fix obvious copy problems such as inadvertent typos, punctuation errors, misspellings, and page formatting. In addition, we do a final overall polish (as required) for diction and clarity. Every effort is made to maintain the voice of the author.

Every published book manuscript—no matter how experienced or successful the author—needs copy and line editing. We just happen to combine the two into one coordinated effort that saves us time – and you money.


Engaging us to perform both phases is $50 per thousand words. For Structural Editing alone, our fee is $40 per thousand words. To engage us only for Copy/Line editing is $35 per thousand words.

The minimum fee for any editing project is $100.

For all projects up to $500, payment is required in full up front. For larger editing projects, 50% is required to commence, and the remainder is due when the structural and/or copy editing notes and corrections are delivered.

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