U.S. businesses lose $3 Billion dollars a year to writing mistakes.
Don’t be one of them.
  • Editing

    Editing is the difference between amateurish and professional.


    You have one shot with a publisher, corporate audience or demanding public. So why would you want to put your name or brand on a document that’s not been professionally edited? Done right, editing takes you from bad to good or from good to great.

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  • Documentation

    Reduce calls to the Help Desk. Stay in compliance. 


    Technical Documentation. Policy & Procedure Manuals. Courseware. Online Help. Training Manuals. From HR regulations to employee onboarding to OSHA requirements – this stuff has to be written sooner or later or you’re a lawsuit target.

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  • Marketing

    Generate leads. Demonstrate thought leadership.


    Your employees already work 50 hours a week. Why overburden them with tasks that should be trusted to a specialist? White papers &  online marketing collateral are central to 21st century corporate strategy. Treat them like that.

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  • Web Content

    Your web site is the 2013 equivalent of a 1980′s phone book listing.


    No one knows your business exists unless you have a web site, a FaceBook Page and a Twitter feed. But unlike an annual yellow pages ad, your sites need continuous updates to please google. Who’s going to curate all that content?

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