Want to Engage Your Customers on Social Media? Video is the Key | Inc.com

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With social media’s ever-changing collection of platforms and communities, it has always been hard to predict what the next big thing will be. But one entrepreneur is pretty certain he has it figured out. The future of social, he writes, is video.

via Want to Engage Your Customers on Social Media? Video is the Key | Inc.com.

Video is key to separating yourself from the noise. But making the jump from text and photos to video can be scary. This article from Inc. Magazine gives some good tips. But if you’re still not up for it, contact TCS and we can walk you through the process (or do it all for you) for less of an investment that you might have thought.

Content Marketing for Small Business: Let Others Do It for You

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Content marketing is a complex, sometimes counter-intuitive way to make money. It often takes a lot of giving before you start to see the results. But those results are undeniable, and they stick around for years. They build momentum, and eventually become nearly unstoppable.

So what’s the secret to mastering content marketing?
There are many answers to that, and some of them are mutually exclusive. But there’s one answer that may not have occurred to you. One of the most powerful ways to leverage content marketing – is to get others to do it for you.

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A good article on why and how to outsource your content marketing. The bottom line is that it has to be done if you want to compete. But if you’re not a writer (or have the time to curate content), it can be a challenge.

Create Engaging Content: Don’t Be Content With Bad Content

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A recent study found that 92% of nonprofits use content marketing. It is also popular among for-profit businesses. Eloqua, a marketing automation company, developed Infographics and eBooks to interest its target consumer demographic. The strategy worked. The initiative earned $2.5 million in revenue. Similarly, Monetate, a technology marketing company, generated content about industry trends rather than their own products and their sales doubled.

via Create Engaging Content: Don’t Be Content With Bad Content.

For a small business with a correspondingly small marketing budget, curating or creating content is the answer to capturing new eyeballs efficiently.

There are a number of ways to do this. You can, of course, write your own content. For many of us though who don’t count creating compelling prose as our greatest skill, this is not an option.

It’s more likely you will find success pulling in articles from the web. A good example is this post.

The text in italics above was copied in from the source article along with the photo. Note that just below the quoted text is a link back to the original article (which is legally necessary in most cases to avoid copyright infringement).

If your site it built using WordPress, this is made easy by a free widget called “Press This” included with every install of wordpress. You can find it, along with instructions on how to use it under Settings/Writing.