Video Instruction

Your audience absorbs information predominantly in one of two ways. They either want to read it, or they want to be shown. You need to provide both if you want to reach the largest number of employees or customers.

Software manuals, web site tutorials, instruction/how-to guides as well as the traditional learning courseware all lend themselves well to presentation through video.

Today, with almost everyone having a persistent connection to the internet, video can be streamed real-time to just about anyone without the need to send huge email attachment files through email.

Even more exciting, video can be viewed real-time not only at the desktop, but also on hundreds of millions of smartphones and tablets around the world.

To get an idea of how powerful this is, here’s a recent project. For best results, be sure to expand the video to full screen and set it to high definition:

Almost any documentation project can benefit from the use of video. Contact us now for a quote.


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