With Apple’s recent release of its electronic publishing environment (iBooks2, iBooks Author, iBookstore and iTunes U), they are doing for publishing what they did for standardizing electronic music on iTunes and apps in the App Store.

In short, just about everything published in the future will have a version that calls  a smartphone or a tablet “home”.

The time to start converting all of your company’s internal documentation and external collateral into something that will be useful, accessible, updateable and most of all, portable is now.

We at TCS have the skills and experience to help you quickly and efficiently design, manage and execute that effort for you without bothering your IT or communications staff (assuming you have spare IT or communications personnel).

Our writers and project managers have the hands-on experience with Apple’s tools that will make quick work of your company’s existing document store at a cost that won’t move the needle. The difference is that unlike the hugely expensive, proprietary and obsolete publishing systems developed when telephones still all had cords, Apple’s tools are free.

Apple sells approximately 50 million iPads every year and 30 million iPhones every quarter in over 90 countries around the globe. Double that number again when you add in all the various Android devices. Then top that number off with all the new devices that run mobile versions of Windows.

Very shortly, every business, including your competitors will have their sales brochures, white papers, annual reports, policy & procedure manuals, employee handbooks, open enrollment packages, software documentation (and everything else that you currently spend untold thousands of dollars printing and shipping) available for their employees, shareholders and customers on every tablet and smartphone.

Shouldn’t you?

Contact us now for a discussion on how we can help you bring your company’s knowledge base into the 21st century.

Additional note: Kindle ebooks also run on just about every platform and device out there too. If your company would rather standardize on Kindle vs ePub (or both), we can help you there as well.

Ask us about our “write once, deploy everywhere” strategy and we’ll show you how TCS can be your one-stop-shop for all your ePublishing needs.

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