Apple’s new technology completely transforms the retail experience – for both the shopper and the shop owner.

  • Imagine having a system that locates and displays every customer in your store in real time.
  • It tells you how long they’ve been standing next to each item in every aisle they’ve visited.
  • It tells you if they’ve read the product description your iBeacon has just beamed to their phone.
  • It tells you if the customer has taken advantage of the coupon the system just sent them while they were browsing and added any items to their shopping cart.
  • It even flags a human to come help the customer if they have any questions the app in their phone can’t answer.

At your place of business, the future is now. By deploying inexpensive iBeacons throughout your store, you can provide the ultimate shopping experience for your customers without adding additional staff.

Contact us for information on how you can best deploy the next generation of sales technology in your place of business.

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