Business Process Improvement

Optimizing your workforce, improving customer retention, growing the business and maintaining regulatory compliance are a few of the problems areas Business Process Improvement (BPI) focuses on.

Even the best businesses have room to improve. By bringing in a fresh set of eyes to examine the way you are conducting operations (sales, HR, operations, manufacturing, finance etc), it’s almost guaranteed we’ll help you find ways to improve your policies and procedures.

All of this must be documented!

Unlike the rigid old, expensive software-dependent platforms of the past (you may remember BPR – Business Process Re-engineering or ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning?), BPI focuses on human interaction.

Especially in industries where the delivery of services depends entirely on people, the more collaborative human interactions are, the greater the chance for continual improvements. Where BPR/ERP dictated the processes from the top down, BPI shifts process design to the bottom up which is perfect for small and medium sized business.

When we look at your company, we bring together multiple workflows — whether human or system-to-system — in a simple, coordinated view that everyone from senior management to the part time employee can easily access online, understand and implement as they go about their daily routine. This process improvement generally leads to one of two outcomes – either your costs are lowered or your revenues are increased.

At TCS we have decades of expertise in knowing how businesses should operate for maximum efficiency. In fact, we specialize in taking the best practices from the Fortune 1000 world and applying them to the small and medium-sized business market.

BPI, done correctly, is a continual process of improvement and, as such, has no set term. However the initial phases of building a business case, developing a strategic plan, getting employees on board and implementing the changes can happen more quickly and inexpensively that you might think. But once the ball is rolling, you’ll wonder how you ever survived doing business the ‘old way’.

Contact us for a free consultation. You have nothing to lose but redundant costs and low profit margins!

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